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Shetland Sheep


At Highland Hollow Farms we have a beautiful flock of Registered Shetland sheep. Our flock number is #229. We got our first pair of Shetland sheep in the fall of 1993. And we have been in love with these little beauties since. We both enjoy spinning the wool into yarn. We enjoy spinning right off the sheep. We skirt the fleece lightly, and just grab wool and start spinning. Jane knits the yarn into many useful items such as mittens, hats, sweaters, socks, etc.

Fleeces usually weigh between 2 to 4 pounds and have a staple length of 2 to 5 inches. This is soft yet durable wool and is a delight to spin and knit. It was traditionally used in Shetland shawls so fine they could be pulled through a wedding ring.

Shetland sheep as a breed go back thousands of years. They were brought to the Shetland Islands by Viking settlers. They are still considered a primitive or “unimproved” breed, which can make them both exciting and interesting to handle. They are Hardy thrifty easy lambing little sheep. They respond well to attention and some even wag their tails when petted.

Shetlands come in 11 main colors and 30 markings, many that still go by the Shetland dialect names. Unfortunately, many of these colors and markings have become quite rare as white wool is dominant and has commanded better prices. Many Shetland breeders are now starting to breed back many markings and patterns.



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