Highland Hollow Farms

Highland Hollow Farms

Highland cattle


Shetland Sheep

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W1967 570th ave

Elmwood, Wi. 54740


E-mail: Highlandhollow@svtel.net

Highland Hollow Farms is owned and operated by John and Jane Eager. Originally from the Twin Cities, Mn. We are heading towards a lifelong dream of rural self-sufficiency with alot of hard, hands-on work.

Our goal is to raise a variety of unique “antique” animals using organic methods, backed with much loving care.

Because neither of us were raised on farms we wanted animals that were hardy. Our interest is in low maintenance farming, and we are willing to try out different things, we aren’t into exotic animals (although we do have two breeding pair of peafowl,) but rather, the older breeds.

We believe in being good stewards of the land and hope that this acreage will be an improved parcel of land when it’s time to pass it on.